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About Us

Wendy Layland, manager of Elm Village Tutors

Wendy Layland


Wendy looks after us.

She is the main point of contact for parents, students and tutors and she manages the smooth running of the agency. By being in constant touch with our clients and our tutors she continually strives to ensure that everyone is happy with the service we provide.

A key part of her role is to work closely with James to decide which tutor is best suited to which student. This is absolutely essential if we are to provide the best service we can to our clients.


Our Tutors

Our tutors are our greatest asset. They are a carefully chosen bunch and, unlike with larger tutorial agencies, they are well known to us; some of them have worked with our Director, James, for almost 20 years. This enables us to select the best tutor for each job.

In taking on a tutor, one of our main requirements is that they have a good degree from a good university. This in itself is not sufficient; they need to be friendly, reliable, able to teach and to communicate well with young people. All this, and much more, is considered when we interview prospective tutors.

We have about 40 tutors who work regularly with us. Our close relationship with them and our clients allows us to fine-tune our service to best suit the needs of each student.